About Us

The Fortis Academy was started three years ago by a few individuals who were dissatisfied with the status quo. Ever since then, Fortis has been a company that demands progress - from itself, its athletes, and their teams. We train older adults to youth soccer players and do so with the same passion, care, and concern.

Our Philosophy and Vision
Anybody can tell an athlete to bench press or squat. Some people can teach them how. Very few can teach the athlete to do the work with purpose, to work together with his fellow athletes, and to create a strong mental set. At the Fortis Academy, we train athletes to become members of a team. Below are some simple principles that we adhere to during training:

Self-regulation: if any athlete is slacking, it is the responsibility of his fellow teammates to let him know that his behavior is unacceptable. Every athlete must work hard if he is to participate in camp. Laziness is simply not tolerated.
Equality: The best athlete and the worst athlete are considered equal. The worst athlete has the right to reprimand the best for not working hard. Furthermore, the best athlete should encourage and motivate the worst athlete. All are equal.
Positive re-enforcement: Every athlete and every trainer in the Fortis Academy must approach and execute the workout in a positive manner. The leaders of the team will be identified and told to positively re-enforce the rest of the team.
Winning mindset: The only thing we focus on is winning. The team is constantly reminded that their work has a purpose – to win games this upcoming season.

In terms of our workout programs, we do not follow a specific regime. We are principled trainers. Below are the principles we follow:

Variety: Any workout that does not incorporate variety has a limited effectiveness. After a period of time our muscles become accustomed to the movements in any given program. We constantly introduce variety to maximize results.
Individuality: Every athlete is different and we approach our workout program with that mentality. We constantly give personal advice to individual athletes. Some want to become quicker, we show them some extra drills. Others need leg strength, we show them leg exercises. We do not just hand them a cookie-cutter workout program that is generally applicable, but could have a stronger correlation with their individual needs.
Intensity: From a pure power and strength workout to muscular endurance training, intensity is essential. Athletes at the Fortis Academy are taught to be focused, intense, and driven while working.